Why I ran for mayor

There is a special town in Texas that has shaped my life and formed all the values I hold near to my heart. Values like how to treat others, that we are all in this together, wise management of resources, and that in the good times and in the dark times we pull together like family.

When my house burned this summer, my hometown was there to support my family and I and help us get through such a traumatic event. When I was in a wreck, that could have very easily taken my life, the first faces that I saw at the scene of the wreck were those same faces that had supported me from the time I was a child through, my young adulthood. The voices were clear, “You are going to make it John Mark and you aren’t going to leave us today.”

I am announced my candidacy for Mayor of the town of Deport, because I realized that I owe a debt to this great city that has shown me so much love, care, and compassion. There are many issues that we must address, but I cannot do this alone. I need your help.

Do you remember the days when Deport was a community that was beaming with pride and business? I know many in this community still remember those days. I am not promising that we can bring those days back, but we can clean up our town and make it a place that people will want to move to and raise families in. We must also focus on improving our streets that have been neglected, keeping our taxes low, and improving the water quality that has been an issue over the past year.

More than anything, I want you to know what your concerns and desires for our city are. You can contact me at any time using the form below.

Thank You,

John Francis, Mayor