Public Works Department

Annual Water Quality Report

This report is a summary of the quality of the water we provide our customers. The analysis was made by using the data from the most recent U.S. Environmental Protection Agency required tests and is presented in the following pages.

We hope this information helps you become more knowledgeable about what’s in your drinking water.

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Water Utility Connection

To open a water account, you come to City Hall office at 201 Main Street and request service. You must bring a valid driver’s license along with your social security card. A water deposit is $150.00 plus a $40.00 administrative, a total fee of $190.00 which must be paid in full before your service will be turned on. Same day turn on is available for applicants if request is before 2 pm.

No person with a previous delinquent balance can open an account without first paying the delinquent amount. The City will not open an account in any name if we have reason to believe that a person who has an unpaid balance will be living at that address.

The attached paperwork must also be completed. You may print off the following documents and bring the completed forms with you to City Hall or we have copies available.



Water Utility Disconnection

To disconnect your water, you should contact City Hall and advise of what date you wish to have your water terminated. You will be asked to provide a forwarding address for your last bill or refund to be sent.

Water Utility Rates

The monthly minimum bill for a residence is $47.49. This fee includes water, sewer, and one poly cart for trash collection. The rate is based on your first 2,000 gallons used. Any additional usage will result in additional monthly fees.