New Website Features

Citizens of Deport,

We are very excited to announce some additional links on our website for your convenience.

  1. We have added a dedicated elections page so that you can go view all election information and forms.

The link is:

2. We have added a new page with simple links to get the information you need. This page has direct links to request an   agenda item at the next council meeting, submit public information requests, and view important forms.

The link is:

3. The city office now has a more efficient process for work orders. If you contact the city with an issue that needs to be resolved, Mrs. Dangerfield or Mayor John Francis can now submit the work order online. This gives her and the city staff a notification and they can track the work order from submission to completion.

All you have to do is call city hall or go to and click the     button on the top right.

4. Finally, if you would like to get email updates when we add new posts and information to the website you can subscribe to the website using your email address.

Just go to and fill out your information on the left side of the page. You should see a section that looks like this.

As always we are always looking for ways to improve the lines of communication between city hall and the citizens of Deport. Together we are going to move this city forward.

Thank You,

John Mark Francis – Mayor