How do we rebuild?

How do we rebuild the town our grandfathers and grandmothers built?

 Look for my article coming out soon in the Deport Times on my strategic plan to rebuild this town that we love so much. 

In the 1930s Deport had a population of 819 and 50 businesses and in 1982 Deport had a population of 772 and 72 stores. In 2032, what will 50 years from 1982 look like in Deport? This is do or die time and we have the blood of farmers that wouldn’t give up during the depression, grandmothers who were Rosie the Riveters during the 1940’s like my Aunt Jimmie. 

Let it be said of us that we turned this town around and that the City took the lead by encouraging business and cutting the red tape to move here and build. Let it be said that the City is the biggest cheerleader of this town and those that support it like Proj Deport, the Deport Vfd, and the Children’s Library. 

Never forget who we are and who we come from. Too many have given up on the dream that Col. Dee Thompson had when he laid eyes upon this land in 1883. I know I haven’t forgotten and I feel more inspired each and everyday to help my town reclaim it’s fighting spirit.
-Mayor John Francis