Employee Portal


Welcome to the City of Deport Employee Portal. Here you will find important documents, forms and information for city employees.

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  1. City Holiday Schedule

  2.  Employee Handbook

  3.  Handbook Acknowledgement Form

  4.  Expense Reimbursement Form

  5.  Procurement/Purchase Policy

  6.  Work Order Flow

  7.  How to Submit Purchase Requests

  8.  Business Guidelines

  9.  Purchase Order Terms & Conditions

  10.  Fiscal Responsibility Guidelines

  11.  Time Off Request Form (submit 2 weeks in advance)

  12. Disciplinary Action Form

  13. Employee Email Password Reset Form

  14.  Tax W-2 Form

  15.  Tax W-4 Form

  16.  Tax W-9 Form

  17.  Tax 1099-MISC Form